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08/02/2017 - 304 Vistas
Fifth course has blown up!!! The magma has arrived to our school and we are ready to cool down the atmosphere.

 Our children have prepared some volcanoes in different groups. They have been working in groups of four people.

First steps:
• The first thing that they had to know was that they live on an island which is made of volcanic eruptions.
• Then when they understood that, it was time to begin our project.
oWe divided the groups and they had to bring to the school the different things that they would need to build the volcanoes.
• They needed a plastic bottle, newspapers, wood glue and a big piece of cardboard.

• Then, they started by pasting the plastic bottle on the middle of the cardboard. Once they pasted it, they had to put the newspaper balls around the bottle.

• After they put all the papers around the bottle, they had to glue some strips of newspaper around the mountain. They did that using the mixture of water and wood glue.

• When the volcanoes were dry they could paint them like a real volcano. Here are some examples:

How to make our volcanoes explode!!

Firstly, they had to bring to class these materials:
• Vinegar
• Water
• Food colouring
• Sodium Bicarbonate
After telling them to bring those things, we begun explaining how to mix our “ingredients” to make the explosion. It is easy to understand and can be done it at home, but always with an adult.
We started by telling them to fill the bottle with water. They had to do it until the bottle was three quarters full with water. Then they added food colouring to the water and mixed.
After it, they had to fill it with vinegar. Then they had to put the sodium bicarbonate.
Finally, they had to wait no more than a minute to see the reaction.

Photos are available at the attached link


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